The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood (Book Review)

Contemporary, Romance, Romcom,

The Love Hypothesis Book Cover




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Book Review

The Love Hypothesis

Ali Hazelwood


Contemporary, Romance, Romcom,

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The Love Hypothesis

Ali Hazelwood


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“carry yourself with the confidence of a mediocre white man”


Olive Smith, as a third-year Ph.D. candidate, doesn’t believe in lasting romantic partnerships. Her best buddy, on the other hand, believes in them, which is how she got herself into this scenario. Convincing Anh that Olive was seeing someone and was well on her way to a happily ever after would always require more That man is none other than Adam Carlsen and Olive is ecstatic when Stanford’s reigning lab tyrant agrees to keep her deception a secret and pretend to be her fake boyfriend. But when a major scientific gathering goes wrong, jeopardizing Olive’s job on the Bunsen burner, Adam surprises her yet again with his unwavering support and…six-pack abs. Their little experiment is quickly approaching combustion. And Olive finds that the only thing more perplexing than a theory of love is examining her own heart under a microscope.


So I finished The Love Hypothesis, and it was excellent? I mean, I think it was? I don’t read a lot of romance and this was my first ever romcom, so I’m not sure my opinion on excellency has any weight here. This was definitely something new for me!

It was cute, funny, and most importantly, meta, so it didn’t take itself too seriously. I loved all the self-referencing and deprecating humor about being a romcom. While this book does not take itself too seriously, it has some serious moments that drive the characters’ arcs forward. And those arcs are well done! The story was well-paced, though it did tend to grow towards the end.

The characters were interesting and while not super vivid believable enough to keep me reading. On the note of characters, shout out to all my women in STEM. As a woman who works in tech, I related to the protagonist’s struggles with confidence so much and really needed this book in my life when I read it as I ventured into a new position at work.

I work with my significant other, so I found this quite relatable, and it made my heart happy as I was reminded of us the entire way through. I think the working/research setting was the hook for me, as it was relatable and made for some good points about how we handle stress and difficult situations as a team, which I enjoyed. 

I found it enjoyable. I enjoyed the fake dating scenario and the development from beginning to end. It was funny and cute, with some drama on the side. I think if I didn’t like romance or humour that much, then this would be a definite pass, but for me (personally) it was worth reading!

If you enjoy romance or are looking to dip your toe in the romcom genre, I’d recommend picking this up, it was the first for me and I’m not sure if any will live up to this one.

I’d give this 4 stars. Maybe 4.5? I don’t really know how to rate romcoms since I have nothing to compare them to, but let’s just leave it at it was a cute and fun read.




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The Love Hypothesis Book Cover

“I'm starting to wonder if this is what being in love is. Being okay with ripping yourself to shreds, so the other person can stay whole.”

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