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I write book reviews, curate lists, and share recommendations.

👋 I'm Ashley

I’m a book nerd who loves to read thought-provoking science fiction and fantasy, but I enjoy and am open to reading other genres as well. I’m always looking for new books and authors that are of interest to me, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know! My favorite books right now are Dune by Frank Herbert and Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke.

Here on novelfables.com, I review books and curate lists of books about topics that interest me. All reviews and thoughts are my own, and all lists are books that I’m genuinely interested in reading or have already read.

Aside from books, I have the most supportive and loving partner, Daniel, with who I enjoy spending all my time. We work together at the same tech company that’s specialized in WordPress, and both have hobbies in content creation.

I have an adorable cat named Gibson, who is just the sweetest and most adorable kitty ever (I may be biased since I love her so much)! If you want to see photos of books and Princess Gibson or get updates on what I’m reading, follow me on Instagram @novelfables



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